Women Outreach initiatives

  • Mahila Desk:- To exclusively deal with women related cases, there are dedicated ‘Mahila Desks’ at all regular Police Stations with a designated Desk Officer and an Assistant.  They also undertakes counseling of disputes arising out of marital discord between married couples.
  • Mahila Police Stations: – Two dedicated ‘Mahila Police Stations’ – one at Bhubaneswar near No. I market and another beside Cuttack ‘Police Reserve’ are functioning- each headed by a woman Inspector , having jurisdiction all over their respective UPDs in respect of women related cases. They do register such cases and investigate and also undertakes counseling of disputes relating to marital discord in between married couples.
  • Women SPOs:- As a step forward in the direction of ‘Women Empowerment & Gender Sensitive Policing’ (WE-GSP) we have a dedicated team of Women Special Police Officers appointed U/S 13 of Odisha Urban Police Act 2003 by the Police Commissioner on an honorary basis.The SPOs have the same powers, privileges and immunities and are liable to perform the same duties and responsibilities as an ordinary police officer. They are subjected to the disciplinary control of the same authorities as an ordinary police officer.  We have enrolled 297 SPOs (all Women)  with an objective of expanding our information base regarding crime against women.
  • Student Traffic Volunteers (Women) :- With a view to promote awareness and inculcate the idea of Traffic Rules and Regulations among the Youths, we have a dedicated Student Traffic Volunteers Scheme. Students doing graduation at educational Institutions under our Commissionerate can apply offline for enrollment for a period of two years to participate and to assist/server with our traffic cops at the traffic intersections for 3hrs a day and 15 days a Month with an honorarium..Presently there are 353 STVs under Bhubaneswat UPD and 82 STVs under Cuttack UPD extending their service under this Scheme – a majority of whom are women.
  • Events/Celebrations:- We do celebrate women related events with various indoor and outdoor activities –partnering with our police family members.