Police Control Room

A GPS enabled Police Control Room with multi-channel Dial-100 call facility has been installed and commissioned in Bhubaneswar on 9th March, 2011. The control Room was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik, in presence of Sri M. Praharaj, DGP, Odisha.

(a) Facility for multi-channel Dial-100 facility, thus providing members of the public uninterrupted access to the Control Room.
(b) Facility for call identification, call logging and conversation recording.
(c) Connectivity through Local Area Network (LAN) to mobile PCR vans fitted with GPS-enabled Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) for quick and efficient transmission of information.
(d) Provision for generation of reports, incorporating basic information like name, telephone number, date and time, nature of information with a Unique Identification Number (UIN) for identifying each report.
(e) Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) application software alongwith EPABX system to support telecom interfaces with telecom service provider.
(f) Digital Map of Bhubaneswar city with customized landmarks..
(g) Automated Call Distribution (ACD) with advance call routing features.
(h) Dedicated staff of call takers/despatchers and call supervisors under the direct supervision of ACP, Control Room.

(a) Enable prompt handling of emergency situation through use of latest advancements in Information and Communication Technology.
(b) Improve the communication link between the callers (members of the public etc.) and Police.
(c) Provide members of the public uninterrupted 24×7 access to the Police Control Room through multi-channel Dial-100 dialling facility.
(d) Minimize the response time of police to any situation requiring immediate police intervention through quick and efficient transmission of information from the Control Room to PCR vehicles and vice-versa..
(e) Enable correct and prompt dissemination of information by providing connectivity through LAN, thus increasing the efficiency of police.
(f) Ensure transparency and accountability of the police personnel, manning the Modern Police Control Room as well as PCR vehicles.


Since its operationalization in March, 2011, approximately 1500 calls are being received every day. The nature of calls are broadly categorized as
(a) Enquiry related calls
(b) Information related calls and
(c) Incident related calls.

On receipt of information from the Control Room, the police personnel manning PCR vehicles are promptly providing assistance to the local police in accident cases and incidents of law and order, traffic problems etc. They are also proactively providing assistance to members of the public, particularly women and children in distress, sick or elderly people. On many occasions, prompt action by the staff of PCR vehicles has resulted in saving valuable lives by way of preventing and rescuing persons while attempting to commit suicide, shifting of sick/injured while in distress condition to the hospital etc.

At present, 33 (thirty-three) PCR vans are operational in Bhubaneswar city area.