The application form is sent to the office of the concerned DCP/SP for verification of the character and antecedents of the applicant through local P.S and to furnish specific recommendation for consideration of grant of Arms licence. On receipt of report from the concerned DCP/SP, Commissioner of Police may conduct further enquiry  and verification at his level from different sources.     A decision thereafter is taken regarding grant of Arms licence.

  • Four passport size copies of the latest photograph of the applicant (white background)
  • Proof of Date of Birth.
  • Residential Proof.
  • Identification Proof- Aadhar
    Card/Passport/Voter ID/Pan Card.
  • Self attested copies of the
    Educational Certificate.

Apply in the prescribed form "A-3" available in our website. Obtain weapon verification report from local PS and submit in the licence cell of Police Commissionerate if you are staying in Bhubaneswar UPD. If you are staying under Cuttack UPD, submit the above documents in the office of DCP Cuttack. Renewal Fees revised as per the Arms Rules, 2016 @ Rs. 500/- per weapon per year.

If the renewal application is submitted within one month from the date of expiry, the licensee has to pay usual renewal @ Rs. 500/ per weapon per year and fee for initial grant of licence i.e Rs. 1000/ - if the renewal application is submitted after one month from the date of expiry the licensee has to pay usual renewal fees and fees for initial grant of licence and late fee of Rs. 2000/- in the office of the licence cell of Commissroner of Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack/ O/O the Dy. Commissioner of Police, Cuttack UPD.

The licence has to apply to the Commissioner of Police, mentioning the specific cause for the non-renewal of the licence. The applicant will deposit by cash in this office (licence fee + late fee) for consideration of renewal of licence by Commissioner of Police.

if the licence holder is in Odisha, his agent should have the weapon carrying authority signed by the license holder and counter signed by him. He should also obtain the weapon verification report from local PS and pay the requisite fees. The renewal form has to be signed by the licence holder.

  • Deposit the fire arms in the nearest Police.Station.
  • After renewal of licence the fire arms will be handed over to the licensee.

 Submit an application in Form No.XI of Journey Licence.
 Attach a copy of the licence.
 Pay a fee Rs.500/-.
 This is only valid for 30 days and is subject to local restrictions imposed by the local authority

Same procedure for obtaining a new licence.

Produce the weapon in the nearest Police Station or with the licensed arms dealer and get a deposit receipt. Then produce the original licence with the death certificate and weapon deposit slip in the licence cell of Police Commissioner office for cancellation of licence.

He has to apply in Form "A-1" for issue of a new Arms licence in his favor along with an N.O.C in shape of affidavit to be executed by other legal heirs, an indemnity bond executed by the applicant along with the copy of death certificate.

Make an application for fresh Arms licence in Form "A-1" if you are more than 21 years of old. Attach a consent letter of the licence holder in shape of an Affidavit if your father of relative attained the age of 70 or on holding the Firearms for 25 years whichever is earlier.

  • Submit an applicant in the prescribed form B-1 i.e application for registration with an outside licensing authority.
  • Attach a copy of the arms license.
  • Produce/attach proof of residence.
  • An NOC from the licence issuing/last renewing authority.
  • Report from local police station (weapon verification certificate and C/A verification report of applicant).
  • After receipt of NOC from concerned authority then the licence will be registered in Commissionerate after approval of Commissioner.

procedure as outlined above for renewal of Arms Licence in another State.

Ans.  Make an application on a plain paper to the Commissioner of Police, requesting area of operation for all Odisha. Attach a copy of your licence for consideration. If the licencing authority i.e. Commissioner of Police permits you, then your licence will be changed accordingly.

The applicant apply to the State Government. If you are a Member of Parliament or Personnel of Defence Forces and Central Armed Forces or Officers of ALL India Services or Officers in Govt. or Govt. Sector Undertakings or Public Sector Undertakings or Dedicated Sports persons, then he should apply before Commissionerate of Police.


Ans.  Apply in form No.5 of Explosive Rules, 1962. The following documents are required:-
Landlord’s NOC for the purpose of blasting.
Fire Officers NOC/Electrical Inspection’s N.O.C.
Report from the concerned Police station through DCP.

The applicant shall apply to DCP Cuttack / DCP Bhubaneswar in Form AE-6 to Obtain licence for public display of fireworks and [Licence may be granted in LE-6 after obtaining other NOCs as per provision. The licence fees is Rs.1000.


There is no prescribed format. An applicant can either submit a plain paper Application or an application written on the letter head of his/her organization.

  • The following information has to be submitted:
  • Full name and address, contact no (telephone and cell phone) of the ¡individual applying for the licence.
  • Date and time of the proposed procession.
  • The route which the procession proposes to take.
  • Approximate number of persons expected to take part in the said procession.
  • Approximate duration of the proposed procession.
  • Accompaniments like Loudspeaker, music, band, dance troops, traditional. equipment, religions symbols etc.
  • An indemnity bond of Rs. 100/-.

  • The following general conditions are prescribed: -
    1. The licensee shall remain with the procession with the licence throughout and the licence shall be produced on demand by a Police Officer of or above the rank of Havildar.
    2. The date, time and route stated in the licence shall be strictly adhered to.
  • This licence does not permit plying of music or the performance of any act in such a manner as to amount to a public nuisance.
    1. The procession shall proceed continuously at a reasonable pace from its starting point to its destination without stopping at place other than specified.
    2. The procession will move in a disciplined manner without disturbing the other road users. It will keep to the left hand side of the road and cease playing of music and making other loud noise when passing a hospital/school/residential area.
    3. No fireworks shall be discharged on any public without proper license .
  • No ‘lathis’ or other dangerous weapons may be carried by anyone in the procession without obtaining special permission for the same there of.
  • Restrictions on use of loudspeaker; music, dance troops, band traditional equipments etc, if imposed shall be followed.
    1. Order of the Hon’ble High Court and the licencing authority specifically regarding decibel level of Loudspeakers and use of firecrackers etc. Shall be strictly complied.

Whoever disobeys, opposes or fails to conform to the conditions of the license can be penalized with a fine which may extend to INR 5OO/ U/s 99 of OUP ACT2003, besides stoppage of the procession and other legal action.

The applicant has to apply to the office of the concerned DCP. The application is sent to the concerned P.S.S for verification. On receipt of verification report both from the IIC of the concerned PS. and the zonal ACP, the same is further Scrutinized in the Office of DCP before grant of license or otherwise.


  • The applicant should submit the following information:
  • Full Name and Address, Contact No (Telephone and cell number ) of the individual applying for license.
  • Date and time/duration/venue, when the loudspeaker is proposed to be used.

  • The fallowing general conditions are prescribed:-
  • That the public tranquility shall not be disturbed by any means. If public tranquility is disturbed, permission is liable to be cancelled.
  • Loudspeakers cannot be used within a radius of 400 meters of any Hospital, court house, public offices, educational institutions etc.
  • That the permit should be returned to the issuing authority within a week after the date of expiry.
  • That the permit shall be produced for inspection as demanded by any police officers not the below rank of S.I. of Police.

The applicant has to apply to the office of the concerned DCP. The application shall be dispatched to the concerned P.S for verification. On receipt of verification report from the IIC of the concerned P.S. and the zonal ACP, the same is further scrutinized in the Office of DCP before grant of licence or otherwise.