Community Policing

The objective of our Community policing initiative is to identify policing goals in consultation with the local community and to explore ways in which Police and the local community can share resources as well as responsibility to create an atmosphere of peace and order in our jurisdiction.


Women Empowerment & Gender Sensitive Policing (WE-GSP) SPO members was created in Twin Cities Bhubaneswar & Cuttack in January-2020 with a motto to instill a sense of safety and security to women in various educational institution & working in different organisation in twin Cities of Bhubaneswar & Cuttack. As on 08.10.2021, a total of 297 girls students / working women of different educational institutions and organizations have been enrolled as SPOs for Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. Their appointment, completely honorary and without any remuneration, is renewed quarterly. Smt Manasi Patra, OPS, ACP rank Officer of Police Commissionerate Headquarters, Bhubaneswar has been designated as Nodal Officer responsible for monitoring the plan, program and prospective activities of (WE-GSP) SPO team.

Interaction programme with WE-GSP, SPO members at Police Seva Bhawan on 18.09.2021.

WE-SPO members have been enjoined upon the responsibility of working as eyes & ears of Police and share information about possible vulnerable hot spots, hooligans, eve teasers etc. to mount necessary surveillance for nabbing the culprits. They have also been entrusted with the responsibility of sharing information about provisions/facilities existing in Police Commissionerate which are aimed at creating a safe environment for women. They are expected to act as change agents to spread awareness among youngsters about need to respect women and treat them with dignity.


“BASTI KU CHALA”, a community policing initiative of Bhubaneswar UPD has been introduced to bridge the relationship between Police & residents of different Bastis to create a healthy atmosphere for peaceful co-existence in the society. The spirit behind initiation of this programme was to give the Basti inhabitants a measure of accessibility to Police Department and to instill a sense of ownership in them for keeping their bastis as crime free zones. They are encouraged to act as eye and ears of Police to share information regarding crime and criminal activities in their neighborhood.

One officer in the rank of ASI/SI in each PS has been designated as Nodal Officer, who monitors details regarding history of Basti people with criminal records, list of drug peddlers/ addicts etc.

Interaction with Basti inhabitants at BIRSAMUNDA-TELUGU BASTI, under Saheednagar PS, Bhubaneswar on 18.08.2021.

Interaction with Basti inhabitants at Khandual Basti, Bhimatangi under Airfield PS, Bhubaneswar on 28.09.2021.

Interaction with Basti inhabitants at Tarini Basti, under Laxmisagar PS, Bhubaneswar on 04.10.2021

In this community outreach programme, each Basti shall have 2 dedicated Constables / OAPF as BASTI MITRA who shall keep regular liaison with Basti people, establish special relation with children, youth and inspire them to tread the path towards making them responsible citizen of the country.   One thousand volunteers not having any criminal antecedents are to be selected from basti to be designated as Police Mitras. Talent search events and sports competitions are also being conducted each month involving multiple bastis to enable them to realize their potential.

Sri K. Ch. Sethi, OPS, ACP, HRPC, Bhubaneswar UPD has been designated as the Nodal officer for “BASTI KU CHALA” programme in BBSR UPD.


Senior Citizen Security Cell was initially started in 5 Police stations of Bhubaneswar Urban Police district and Cuttack Urban district on 12.02.2009. At present, 21 Senior Citizens Security Cells are functioning in Bhubaneswar UPD & another 17 are functional in Cuttack UPD. Altogether, 29195 Senior Citizens (till 19.07.2021) have been registered in the Commissionerate with 16662 in Bhubaneswar UPD and 12533 in Cuttack UPD. One web application for enrolment of Senior Citizen had been launched by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha on 05.01.2018 by way of which, senior citizens desirous of associating with the Police Commissionerate could register themselves online. The senior citizens have been provided with an Identity Card, Do’s and Don’t booklet, driving sticker and tenant verification form etc.

With substantial rise in registration of senior citizens in Police Commissionerate over the years, ASI/Hav./Constable have been designated as Asst. Nodal officers and Nodal Officers whose job is to maintain liaison with senior citizens residing within their jurisdiction. Regular interaction is being done with senior citizens at Zonal and UPD level too.

Interaction Programme with Senior Citizen at Balakati, Bhubaneswar on 17.09.2021

Interaction Programme with Senior Citizen at KIMS Auditorium, Bhubaneswar on 21.10.2021

During Covid-19 Pandemic period, one Help line number 8093028100 had been extended to senior citizens of Police Commissionerate, BBSR-Cuttack to flag their issues. Senior citizens of both the cities are being contacted on regular basis by Commissionerate officers to address their security related concerns.