Community Policing

The objective of our Community policing initiative is to identify policing goals in consultation with the local community and to explore ways in which Police and the local community can share resources as well as responsibility to create an atmosphere of peace and order in our jurisdiction.


The “AMA POLICE” “Our Police” scheme was Launched by Hon’ble CM, Odisha on 1st April, 2013 at Markat Nagar Police Station of  Police Commissionerate of Cuttack Urban Police District.

This Scheme provides for a three-tier organizational structure that have become an integral part of Policing.

  • AMA POLICE Beat at the grass root level – Manned by a beat officer.
  • AMA POLICE SAMITI Constituted every two years at Police Station level with 5-20 Selected Members from the local community.
  • District Advisory Committee at the apex Level – consisting 10-20 members headed by the DCP.

The Scheme has the following Objectives: –

  1. Prevention of Crimes.
  2. Furthering co-operation and mutual understanding between Police and the community.
  3. Furthering Security-related mutual co-operation among citizenry.
  4. House Visit’ by the CPO – acts as a ‘linking pin’ between the community and Police Station.
  5. Community empowerment & empowerment of the constabulary.
  6.  Reduced trust-deficit between community and police, free-flow of information.
  7. Synergy of Community resources in crime prevention.
  8. Better sense of security.
  9. Helps strengthening internal security.


In our effort to improve contact with members of the public and in order to expand our contact base, a system of police-public interface has been initiated in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack.

In the recent past, Police – Public interface meetings were held at Pokhariput area under Zone-II on 11-06-2019 and at the Conference Hall of Institute of Physics Zone-V on 13-02-2019 – both under Bhubaneswar Urban Police District and at DAV Public School Sector-6 CDA Zone-III on 12-06-2019 and at Barabati Stadium under Zone-VI on 20-012019 – both under Cuttack Urban Police District .


By virtue of powers conferred upon the Commissioner of Police U/s 13 of OUP Act, 2003, Special Police Officers (SPOs) are being appointed on an honorary basis. The SPOs have the same powers, privileges and immunities and are liable to perform the same duties and responsibilities as an ordinary police officer. They are subjected to the disciplinary control of the same authorities as an ordinary police officer. The following are the charter of the duties and responsibilities of the SPOs :-

  1. Promote public order and create a feeling of security in the community.
  2. Aid and assist people who are under distress or in danger of physical harm/injury.
  3. Collect intelligence relating crime, public peace, law and order etc. and share the same with the staff of the concerned P.S.
  4. Perform evening/night patrolling in association with regular police officers, and when requested by the IIC, of the concerned P.S. or his staff.
  5. Assist the police in maintenance of traffic and orderly parking of vehicles in their jurisdiction area.
  6. Provide assistance to the victims of road accident, indigent, women and children in need of care and protection.
  7. Maintain regular interaction with the concerned IIC and his staff through meeting or telephonic contact.

We have enrolled 295 SPOs (all Women) under Women Empowerment & Gender Sensitive Policing(We-GSP) with an objective of expanding our information base regarding crime against women.


With a view to providing enhanced safety and security to all the registered Senior Citizens, we have Senior Citizen Security Cell at all the Police Stations under Commissionerate Police – each headed by a Nodal Officer of the rank of sub-inspector assisted by an Asst. Nodal Officer. The details can be viewed on Senior Citizen Security Cells


With a view to promote awareness and inculcate the idea of Traffic Rules and Regulations among the Youths, we have a dedicated Student Traffic Volunteers Scheme. Students doing graduation at educational Institutions under our Commissionerate can apply offline for enrollment for a period of two years to participate and to assist/server with our traffic cops at the traffic intersections for 3hrs a day and 15 days a Month with an honorarium.

Presently there are 353 STVs under Bhubaneswat UPD and 82 STVs under Cuttack UPD extending their service under this Scheme.


“APOSSA YOJANA” (All-round Promotion Of Sports in Slums And YOung & Juveniles Against Narcotics Abuses) – The Slum outreach program of Commissionerate Police was inaugurated on 11-02-2019 by Shri Asit Tripathy – the then Development Commissioner-Govt. of Odisha, in presence of other Senior Police Officers. It was introduced with a view to proactively engage the youths of Slums for responsibility in creating a safe and secured neighborhood – sports and games being the medium to engage the youths while creating awareness against substance abuse against them.