About Virtual Police Station

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  • Request for e-FIR is among one of the citizen services provided by Odisha Police under CCTNS Project.
  • To avail the service, Citizen has to log in to the Portal. If the Citizen is new to the Portal he has to register with the Portal which is a one-time activity. Citizen can lodge FIR electronically for MV Theft Cases in the following Circumstances:
    • Unknown Accused
    • Not involved in Crime (Vehicle should not be involved in any Crime. Complaint shall give mandatory self certification that the vehicle is not involved in any crime at the time of filing of e-FIR)
    • Not traced(Vehicle should not have been recovered till the filing of e-FIR. Complainant shall give mandatory self certification to this effect. There shall be provision for verification of vehicle information from Vahan/Sarathi applications.)
    • No injury
  • While filling the request form, please fill at least all the mandatory fields (*) along with Personal details, address, contact number and purpose of applying the services properly.
  • Simultaneously the Officer-In-Charge of the Police Station is alerted by the system to initiate action on the allegation.
  • Before submitting the request, Please verify the same. Once you submit, the request will not be editable.
  • After submission of the request you will be alerted by the system by SMS along with Service Request No.
  • If you are new to Citizen Portal, click here to Register.
  • If you are an existing user to Citizen Portal, click here to Login.
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