Children Help Line / Agencies

All the districts are having Child Welfare Committees (CWC) and one Unit under District Child Protection Officer (DCPO) for the Care and Protection of the children in distress.

  • Chairperson CWC (Khurda) – Ms. Ranjita Panda, (Mob:- 9438282714)
  • Addl. CWC (Acting as Chairperson CWC Bhubaneswar) Sri Santanu Mohapatra (Mob No:- 8328831669)
  • Chairperson CWC (Cuttack) – Sri Pramod Kishore Acharya (Mob:- 8328826317)
  • DCPO Khurda – Ms. Banishree Pattnaik (Mob:-943 963 3715  Office Tel :- 06755-220801)
  • DCPO Cuttack – Ms. Pragati Mohanty(Mob:- 9853246528)