Your Safety at Home

  1. Always ensure that your doors are locked from inside.
  2. Always switch on the front and rear lights during night time.
  3. Keep your valuables in the lockers of the bank and take them out only when you require them.
  4. Never hand over huge cash, gold etc. to your helps for transportation.
  5. Inform the police about movement of strangers in your locality.
  6. Keep a close watch and inform the police about suspicious sales man, plumber etc.
  7. Install burglars alarm system, security gadgets, surveillance, cameras etc.
  8. Install caller ID system to your telephone.
  9. Display all police related numbers including 100 in your house near your telephone.
  10. Pass on every useful information to the police for prevention and detection of crime.
  11. Never leave your spare key concealed anywhere near the front door-Burglars know all the hiding places.
  12. Change your locks every year.
  13. Always pull down the doors and window curtains, especially during evening hours since it reduces the temptations of the thieves to target your house
  14. Have peep-in installed in the front door of your house, so that you can see.
  15. When you are away from home for tour or holiday, intimate a reliable neighbor or relative to check your home from time time. Keep in touch with them.
  16. Do not reveal about your holiday trip in advance to too many people.