Tips for Safe Banking

  1. Take adequate precautions before investing your money with any private agencies.
  2. Inform the police immediately about any suspicious financial speculation and other agencies.
  3. Do not be misguided by alluring advertisements unless you thoroughly cross check and verify the real benefits being offered to you.
  4. Insist on getting all receipts for every payment made by you.
  5. Monthly statements of your bank accounts should be invariably checked regularly.
  6. Take adequate care for safe keeping of your cheque book and other important bank documents.
  7. As far as possible bank transactions should be handled personally.
  8. Do not disclose your bank account number/user name/pass ward to anyone.
  9. Do not keep your bank account inoperative for a long time.
  10. Never take an introduction from an unknown persons for the purpose of opening an account in your bank or introduce an unknown person.
  11. Keep track on cheques/drafts/pay orders made by you and sent through post/courier services.