Sexual exploitation/Assault/abuse

What is Sexual Exploitation/Assault/Abuse. 

Sexual Exploitation is an act committed through non-consensual abuse or exploitation of another person’s sexuality for the purpose of sexual gratification, financial gain, personal benefit or advantage etc. It means abusive sexual behavior by one person upon another  often perpetrated using force or by taking advantage of another, by any person, a male, a female, a stranger, neighbour,a tutor,  a known person including family members, ex-husband etc.

  • It can be through observation of one’s nudity or sexual activity without the consent of the party involved.
  • Non consensual streaming of images, Photography, Video or Audio recording on sex activities etc.
  • Prostituting another individual
  • exposing another’s genital in non-consensual circumstances
  • knowingly exposing another individual to a sexually transmitted disease without that individuals knowledge.
  • inducing sexual incapacitation.

Legal recourse:- 

These are offensive under the Indian Penal Code (Voyeurism- Punishable under section 354 C IPC, Stalking – Punishable under Section 354 D IPC) and relevant Minor Acts including Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, 1986 and the victim can take shelter of   Police.