What are the conditions generally prescribed while granting this licence?

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  • The fallowing general conditions are prescribed:
  • That the public tranquility shall not be disturbed by any means. If public tranquility is disturbed, permission is liable to be cancelled.
  • Loudspeakers cannot be used within a radius of 400 meters of any Hospital, court house, public offices, educational institutions etc.
  • That the permit should be returned to the issuing authority within a week after the date of expiry.
  • That the permit shall be produced for inspection as demanded by any police officers not the below rank of S.I. of Police.
  • That the applicant shall avoid using echo sound system and shall not cause annoyance to people specially Sr. Citizens, ailing persons and students
  • The Hon’ble High Court vide their order No.270 dtd 27.03.2008 in OJC No. 6721 of 1999 has passed an order pertaining to use of Loudspeaker which inter-alia include the following:
  • All band parties using amplifiers along with some boxes and various musical instruments as well, as DJs shall install SOUND LIMITERS connected to the amplifiers so that the decibels of sound produced by such amplifiers will not exceed 65 dB.
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