What are the conditions generally prescribed while granting licence for procession?

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  • The following general conditions are prescribed:
  • The licensee shall remain with the procession with the licence throughout and the licence shall be produced on demand by a Police Officer of or above the rank of Havildar.
  • The date, time and route stated in the licence shall be strictly adhered to.
  • This licence does not permit plying of music or the performance of any act in such a manner as to amount to a public nuisance .
  • The procession shall proceed continuously at a reasonable pace from its starting point to its destination without stopping at place other than specified.
  • The procession will move in a disciplined manner without disturbing the other road users. It will keep to the left hand side of the road and cease playing of music and making other loud noise when passing a hospital/school/residential area.
  • No fireworks shall be discharged on any public without proper license .
  • No ‘lathis’ or other dangerous weapons may be carried by anyone in the procession without obtaining special permission for the same there of.
  • Restrictions on use of loudspeaker; music, dance troops, band traditional equipments etc, if imposed shall be followed.
  • Order of the Hon’ble High Court and the licencing authority specifically regarding decibel level of Loudspeakers and use of firecrackers etc. Shall be strictly complied.
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