Incase of occurrence of crime.

  1. Inform the police about the offence and the movement of offenders by the quickest possible means (dial-100) or the number of the concerned P.S/Mobile No. of concerned Is.I.C.
  2. Do not disturb the scene of the crime so as to enable the police to obtain vital clues.
  3. Render all possible assistance to the police for apprehending the accused persons if he/she is identified.
  4. Furnish all descriptive particulars of the criminals i.e. age, complexion, built or any particular identification marks.
  5. Do not exaggerate the crime details while reporting to the police.
  6. Try and take note of the vehicle used by the accused/ suspects if possible.
  7. Please remember that your role as a responsible citizen of the society is very important in prevention and detection of crime.