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Notification No. 745-N-6/2012-CP-Licence Dated.27.07.2016 Registration of Private Residential Hostels of Educational Institutions(197 KB)
Notification No. 3934-LC-TR-51/2011-T OF COMMERCE & TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT dated 17th Jun 2011(927 KB) Notification S.R.O No. 461/2011 OF COMMERCE & TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT  dated 17th Jun 2011(867 KB)
Notification No. 39736-PDA-II-42/2010/D&A dated 30th Aug 2010(1272 KB) Notification No. 41509-PDA-II-157/2009/D&A dated 10th Sept 2009(71 KB)
Notification No. 12624-PDA-II-170/2008-D&A dated 2nd March 2009(56 KB) Notification No. 12627-PDA-II-186/2008-D&A dated 2nd March 2009(66 KB)
Notification No. 1833-PDA-II-11/2008-D&A dated 15th Jan 2009(66 KB) Notification No. 2100-PDA-II-13/2008-D&A dated 16th Jan 2009(65 KB)
Notification No. 46157-PDA-II-171/2008-D&A dated 16th Oct 2008(71 KB) Notification No. PDA-II-275/2008-57774/D4/D& A dated 26th Dec 2008(2609 KB)
Notification No. 46057-PDA-II-149/2008-D&A dated 15th Oct 2008(84 KB) Notification No. 46154-PDA-II-158/2008-D&A dated 16th Oct 2008(84 KB)
Notification No. 25594-PDA-II-104/2008 dated 23rd May 2008(84 KB) Notification No. 46054-PDA-II-150/2008-D&A dated 15th Oct 2008(84 KB)
Notification No. 25588-PDA-II-102/2008 dated 23rd May 2008(82 KB) Notification No. 25591-PDA-II-103/2008 dated 23rd May 2008(84 KB)
Notification No. 29382-PDA-II-11/2008/D&A dated 20th June 2008(107 KB) Notification No. 60901-D&A dated 28th December 2007(40 KB)
Notification No. PDA -II-194/2007(PtIII) 60913/D&A, Bhubaneswar ,Dated 28th December, 2007(79 KB) Notification No. PDA -II-194/2007(PtIII) 60904/D&A, Bhubaneswar ,Dated 28th December, 2007(82 KB)
Notification No. 60911/D&A, Bhubaneswar dated 28th December, 2007. PDA -II_194/2007(Pt.-III )(78 KB) Notification No. 60894/D&A, Bhubaneswar dated 28th December, 2007. PDA -II_194/2007(Pt.III)(84 KB)
Notification No. 60906-PDA-I.-104/2007 (Pt.III)-D&A dated 28th December 2007(34 KB) Notification No. 60909/D&A, Bhubaneswar dated 28th December, 2007. PDA-II_194/2007(Pt.-III)(79 KB)
Notification No. 60883-PAD-120/2007 (Pt-III)-D&A. dated 28th December 2007(39 KB) Notification No. 60886-PAD-II-111/2007 (Pt-III)-D&A. dated 28th December 2007(1485 KB)
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