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On 28.05.2011 morning, Sri Dasarathi Behera (35 years) was found dead in a rented house at Dumuduma Housing Board Colony, Bhubaneswar with serious injuries on his person, legs being tied by plastic rope and mouth with a napkin. In this connection Khandagiri PS Case No.207 dtd.28.05.2011 u/s 302/34 IPC was registered and investigation commenced. Meticulous investigation under the close supervision of DCP/Bhubaneswar revealed that the motive behind the murder was to take revenge for non-refund of a loan of INR 60,000/-, which the deceased had taken from the main accused for his transport business. In a well thought-out plan, the main accused called the deceased to Bhubaneswar on 28.05.11 AM with an assurance to pay him more money for business purpose. Upon reaching Bhubaneswar, the deceased was taken to the spot house, tied by means of plastic rope and assaulted fatally. The accused persons fled from the spot after locking the door from outside. On the basis of investigation, the involvement of eight accused in the crime was proved, of whom so far Jitu @ Priyabrata Prusty, Jitu @ Jitendra Pradhan and Bhagi @ Bhagyarathi Swain have been arrested and remanded to jail custody. Further investigation is continuing. 





Smt. Puspalata Jena (60) of Baramunda Housing Board Colony was found in a pool of blood with visible injuries on 01.02.2011 in her residence. Some household valuables were also found to have been removed. In this connection, Khandagiri PS Case No.40 dtd.01.02.2011 u/s 454/394/302 IPC was registered and investigation commenced. The focus of investigation was on persons having access to the house. After meticulous investigation, Santha @ Santosh Nayak of Nuagaon, PS-Banigochha, Dist-Nayagarh was identified as the killer. Investigation revealed that Santha, who was staying in a nearby basti, had been called by the deceased for some household chores on 01.02.2011. Taking advantage of the fact that the deceased was alone, Santha committed her gruesome murder. Before escaping, he removed valuables which include gold chain and mobile phone. The accused was apprehended and incriminating evidence including the weapon of offence and costly household articles were recovered from him. 





In a swift and meticulous investigation undertaken by Badagada Police, a burglary involving huge quantity of gold/silver ornaments, valued approximately at INR 11.00 lakhs, was solved in breakneck speed. Some unknown culprits had committed the burglary in a residential house in Brahmeswar Bagh by breaking open the lock, when the inmates were absent. Two veteran criminals, concerned in earlier cases, were arrested and from their possession, almost the entire stolen gold ornaments, weighing 519 gms and silver ornaments, weighing 1762 gms, were recovered.  The two burglars were arrested in connection with Badagada PS Case No.16 dtd.06.02.2011 u/s 457/380 IPC and were remanded to jail custody.





Trailing the unknown killer(s) of Dr. Brahmananda Panda, a well-known medical practitioner of Bhubaneswar, who was found brutally murdered in his Nursing Home-cum-residence on 27.07.10, a crack team of Police Commissionerate identified Hari @ Harendra Naik, to have perpetrated this ghastly crime. An ex-employee of the Nursing Home, Hari had nursed a grudge against Dr. Panda, for having thrown him out of job on grounds of objectionable conduct. In a carefully planned crime, Hari @ Harendra Naik, who was well conversant with the daily routines of Dr. Panda as well as the layout of the Nursing Home, sneaked unnoticed into his living area during the late hours of 27.07.2010 and brutally attacked him by means of a sharp cutting weapon, resulting in his death. Before escaping, he removed cash, wrist watch and other valuables.
In a swift investigation, Kharavelnagar PS staff under the direct supervision of DCP/Bhubaneswar identified the unknown accused, arrested him and recovered incriminating evidence against him.

The public is reminded that the above findings of the investigation conducted by Police Commissionerate, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack are not the final proof of the guilt of the accused. Under our legal provisions, the accused is/are presumed to be innocent till their guilt is finally established after a fair trial.





Mancheswar PS staff along with Special Squad of Bhubaneswar UPD busted at a gang of 2-wheeler thieves and recovered 44 stolen motor cycles on their disclosure from different places of the State which includes far off Mayurbhanj district. While some stolen motor cycles had been disposed off to different buyers, some were concealed at different places for disposal. A case in Mancheswar PS was registered and the prime accused Gopia @ Gopinath Mallick has been arrested and forwarded in custody to the Court.





On 20.11.2009, Abhaya Kumar Sethi and his wife were found murdered in their residence at Sampur under Khandagiri PS. During the course of investigation, a team of Special Squad of Bhubaneswar UPD along with personnel of Khandagiri PS tracked Litu @ Sarada Pr. Sethi, the absconding son of the deceased and arrested him. Investigation revealed that arising out of a domestic dispute pertaining to his love relationship, Litu @ Sarada Pr. Sethi had committed the cold-blooded murder of his parents in association with some of his associates. Two of his associates were also arrested and the implements used in the commission of the murder were recovered.

The public is reminded that the above findings of the investigation conducted by Police Commissionerate, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack are not the final proof of the guilt of the accused. Under our legal provisions, the accused is/are presumed to be innocent till their guilt is finally established after a fair trial.





On 01.11.2009, Jail Warder Manas Ranjan Nayak was killed in front of Spl. Jail, Bhubaneswar by unidentified assailants. The killing created a sensation and sent shock waves. On the basis of painstaking investigation, a team of Special Squad of Bhubaneswar UPD, arrested eight accused from different places, including Delhi and detected the unknown murder case. Investigation revealed that veteran criminal Bikram Mallick, who was then lodged in Special Jail, Bhubaneswar, had master minded and organised the murder to create terror in the minds of jail staff. During the course of investigation, the weapons used alongwith other incriminating materials were recovered from the accused.

The public is reminded that the above findings of the investigation conducted by Police Commissionerate, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack are not the final proof of the guilt of the accused. Under our legal provisions, the accused is/are presumed to be innocent till their guilt is finally established after a fair trial.





On 07.02.2009 at about 2 PM, Sri Sailendra Jena, Cashier, Centurian Bank, Bhubaneswar was robbed of cash to the tune of INR 7,44,336/- by two unknown armed criminals while he was returning from Big Bazar, Patia . Sri Jena raised an alarm on which members of general public and security guards chased and caught one accused red-handed. The entire robbed amount was recovered at the spot from the accused. The other accused who had absconded was arrested by the police later. Members of the public and security guards who displayed exemplary valour in apprehending the armed criminal were suitably rewarded by the Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack.





On receipt of reliable information regarding congregation of a group of veteran criminals, armed with fire arms and explosives at Patia and allegedly preparing for commission of crime in the city, DCP, Bhubaneswar along with Is.I.C. of Infocity, Chandrasekharpur and Kharavelanagar Police Stations and Special Squad personnel, conducted raid on 3.6.09 night. On arrival of the police, the criminals opened indiscriminate fire, to which Police retaliated, resulting in gunshot injury to one of the accused. During the operation, 3 accused were arrested from the spot while few others managed to escape. One country-made revolver, four live bombs and one sketch map of Bhubaneswar City, indicating different business establishments was seized from their possession.  Pin-pointed information and prompt police action thus resulted in foiling the plan of the arrested criminals of committing a major crime in the city.





On 12.06.2009 IIC Khandagiri received reliable information about a group of persons who were trying to sell ivory. On this, he along with staff conducted raid and located 7 (seven) persons, moving suspiciously near Barmunda area. On search, one Ivory piece weighing 1 kg. 800 grams was seized from the possession of the accused on which they were arrested, on the basis of a case and forwarded to the Court.

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