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Under OUP ACT 2003
Under Motor Vehicles Act,1988
Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Commissionerate(Traffic and Public Order)Regulations,2008
Disregarding the rules of the road.
65. No person shall--
  1. when driving a vehicle along a street (except in cases of actual necessity or of some other sufficient reason for deviation), fail to keep on the left side of such street and when passing any other vehicle proceeding in the same direction fail to keep on the right side of such vehicle; or
  2. leave in any street or public place insufficiently tended or secured any animal or vehicle.
Causing obstruction or mischief by animal.
66. No person shall cause obstruction, damage, injury, danger, alarm or mischief in any street or public place
  1. by misbehaviour, negligence or ill-usage in the driving, management, treatment or care of any animal or vehicle; or
  2. by driving any vehicle or animal laden with timber, poles or other unwieldy articles through a street or public place contrary to any regulation made in that behalf.
Exposing animal for hire, sale, etc.
67. No person shall in any street, pavement or public place expose for hire or sale any animal or vehicle, clean any furniture or vehicle, or clean or groom any horse or other animal except at such times and places as the competent authority permits, or shall train or break in any horse or other animal or make any vehicle or any part of vehicle or repair ( except when as a result of any accident repairing on the spot is unavoidable ) any vehicle or part of a vehicle, or carry on therein any manufacture or operation so as to be a serious impediment to traffic or serious annoyance to residents in the vicinity or to the public.
Causing any obstruction in a street.
68. No person shall cause obstruction in any street, pavement or public place-
  1. by allowing any animal or vehicle, which has to be loaded or unloaded, or to take up or set down passengers, to remain or stand in the street or the public place longer than that may be necessary for such purpose; or
  2. by leaving any vehicle standing or fastening any cattle in the street, pavement or the public place; or
  3. by using any part of a street, pavement or public place as a halting place for vehicles or cattle; or
  4. by leaving any box, bale, package or other things whatsoever in or upon a street or pavement for an unreasonable length of time or contrary to any regulation; or
  5. by exposing anything for sale or setting out anything for sale in or upon any stall, booth, board, cask, basket or in any other way whatsoever.
Obstructing a footway.
69. No person shall drive, ride, lead, propel or leave on any footway any animal or vehicle other than a perambulator or fasten any animal in such a way that the animal can stand across or upon such footway.
Causing obstruction and annoyance by performances, etc.
70. No person shall, in contravention of any regulation made by the Commissioner,-
  1. exhibit any mimetic, musical or other performances of such a nature as may attract crowds; or
  2. carry or place bulky advertisements, hoardings, pictures, figures or emblems in any street, pavement or public place,

whereby any obstruction to passengers or pedestrians or annoyance to the residents in the vicinity may be occasioned.

Doing offensive acts in or near a street or public place.
71. No person shall slaughter any animal, clean a carcass or hide, or bathe or wash his person in or near to and within sight of a street or public place, except at a place set apart for the purpose, so as to cause annoyance to the neighbouring residents or to passers-by.
Letting loose horse and suffering ferocious dogs, etc.
72. No person shall, in any street or public place -
  1. negligently let loose any horse or other animal, so as to cause danger, injury, alarm or annoyance; or
  2. suffer a ferocious dog to be at large without a muzzle; or
  3. set on or urge a dog or other animal to attack, worry or put in fear any person or horse or other animal.
Bathing or washing in places not set apart for those purposes.
73. No person shall bathe or wash in, or by the side of, a public well, tank or reservoir not set apart for such purpose by order of the competent authority, or in, or by the side of, any pond, pool, aqueduct, part of a river, stream, nullah or other source or means of water supply, in which such bathing or washing is forbidden by order of the competent authority.
Defiling water in public wells, etc.
74. No person shall defile or cause to be defiled the water in any public well, tank, reservoir, pond, pool, aqueduct or part of a river, stream, nullah or other source or means of water supply, so as to render the same unfit for any purpose for which it is set apart by the order of the competent authority.
Obstructing bathers.
75. No person shall obstruct or incommode a person bathing at a place set apart for the purpose by the order of the competent authority by wilful intrusion or by using such place for any purpose for which it is not so set apart.
Behaving indecently in public.
76. No person shall wilfully and indecently expose his person in any street or public place or place of public resort or within sight of, and in such manner as to be seen from, any street or public place or place of public resort, whether from within any house or building or not, or use indecent language or behave indecently or riotously or in a disorderly manner in a street or public place or place of public resort or in any office, police station or station house.
Obstructing or annoying passengers in the street.
77. No person shall wilfully push, press, hustle or obstruct any passenger in a street or public place or by violent movements, menacing gestures, wanton personal annoyance, screaming, shouting, wilfully frightening any animal or otherwise disturb the public peace or order.
Misbehaviour with intent to provoke a breach of the peace.
78. No person shall use in any street or public place any threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with intent to provoke breach of peace or whereby a breach of peace may be occasioned.
Prohibition against flying kites, playing on the street etc.
79. No person shall fly a kite or any other thing or play on the street so as to cause or apprehension to cause danger, injury or alarm to persons, animals or property.
Committing nuisance in or near street, ect.
80. No person shall, in or near to any street, public place or place of public resort, -
  1. commit a nuisance by easing himself; or
  2. having the care or custody of any child under seven years of age, suffer such child to commit a nuisance as aforesaid; or
  3. spit or throw any dust, ashes, refuse or rubbish so as to cause annoyance to any passer-by.
Drunkenness in a street, etc.
81. No person shall be so drunk as to be incapable of taking care of himself in a street or place of public resort.
Affixing notice, etc, upon public property without consent of authority.
82. No person shall, without the consent of the Government or the public authority concerned, affix or cause to be affixed any bill, notice or other paper upon any light pole, tree, letter box, transformer, street, wall or any other property belonging to Government or any public authority or write upon, deface or mark on or cause to be written upon, defaced or marked on, any such light pole, tree, letter box, transformer, street, wall or other property.
Disregard to notice in public building.
83. No person shall, in any court, police station, police office or building occupied by Government or building occupied by any local body, smoke or spit in contravention of a notice by the competent authority in charge of such place, displayed in such court, police station, police office or building.
Police Commissionerate
Police Commissionerate Police Commissionerate
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