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Information displayed on this website is purely informative in nature. Please refer to the original texts of various laws, rules, judgment and amendments before making any application of them.
Though all attempts have been made to update our data and to give you assistance in real-time, the administrator of this site and Commissionerate Police do not take any responsibility for any human or computer generated errors.

All e-mails received shall be scrutinized and appropriate action shall be taken as far as possible. Because of paucity of time, manpower and infrastructure, it shall not be possible to reply all e-mails. Receipt of an e-mail does not cast any legal obligation on us, as such correspondence are interactive in nature only. E-mails are channels of information and communications only and shall be treated accordingly by us as well as the sender.
Commissionerate Police assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any  information/reproduction/record provided herein. Information provided in official records/sources shall prevail in case of any discrepancy.
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Commissionerate Police assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information/reproduction derived from the legislative material on this site. The legislative material on this site has been prepared for convenience of reference only.
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As per the prevailing laws, FIR of a crime ( 'cognizable crimes' like theft, burglary, motor vehicle thefts, accident, chain-snatching, assault, rape, murder, attempt to commit murder, robbery, dacoity, extortion etc) can only be registered at a Police Station. Please contact your nearest Police Station for the same.
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