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In our effort to improve contact with members of the public, a system of public- police interface has been initiated in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack.

In the recent past, police - public interface meetings were held at the following places-
1. Govt. High School, Nayapalli Police Station  
2. Mahanadi Vihar, Chauliaganj Police Station  
3. Bapujinagar, Capital Police Station  
4. Baramunda H.B Colony, Khandagiri Police Station.  
5. Laxmi Sagar, Laxmi Sagar Police Station.  
6. Purighat, Purighat Police Station.  
7. Kalinga Vihar, Khandagiri Police Station.  
Police Public Interface meetings have generated a positive response not only from the office bearers of Residentís Associations and Local Development Organizations but also from residents. Such meetings enable the Commissioner of Police as well as other senior police officers to interact with the local residents. The latter, in turn, also get an opportunity to voice their concerns regarding different aspects of police administration including law and order, security issues, traffic and suggest improvements etc.

Commissionerate Police proposes to carry on with the programme of holding Public-Police Interface meetings in major localities of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack in the future.
By virtue of powers conferred upon the Commissioner of Police U/s 13 of OUP Act, 2003, Special Police Officers (SPOs) are being appointed on an honorary basis. The SPOs have the same powers, privileges and immunities and are liable to perform the same duties and responsibilities as an ordinary police officer. They are also subject to the disciplinary control of the same authorities as an ordinary police officer. The following are the charter of the duties and responsibilities of the SPOs :-
  1. Promote public order and create a feeling of security in the community.
  2. Aid and assist people who are under distress or in danger of physical harm/injury.
  3. Collect intelligence relating crime, public peace, law and order etc. and share the same with the staff of the concerned P.S.
  4. Perform evening/night patrolling in association with regular police officers, and when requested by the IIC, of the concerned P.S. or his staff.
  5. Assist the police in maintenance of traffic and orderly parking of vehicles in their jurisdiction area.
  6. Provide assistance to the victims of road accident, indigent, women and children in need of care and protection.
  7. Maintain regular interaction with the concerned IIC and his staff through meeting or telephonic contact.
At present 23 SPOs are functioning in the jurisdiction of Capital Police Station area. They have been issued with Identity-Cards which carry their personal details and authority of appointment. The SPOs are being issued special badges and uniforms to be worn by them while performing duty. The name of SPOs are:
1. Chaitanya Kumar Sahoo 2. Ajay Kumar Mahali   3. Sanjay Kumar Mohanty   4. Arun Kumar Mohapatra   5. Biswajit Mitra   6. Manas Ranjan Mohapatra   7. Gahar Abedin  8. Pyari Mohan Senapati   9. Jayant Kumar Pattnaik  10. Mahimamaya Nanda  11. Ananta Narayan Behera  12. Surya Narayan Das   13. Swarup Ku. Mohanty   14. Sidhartha De  15. Trilochan Das   16. Nishikanta Mohapatra  17. Aditya Kumar Mishra 18. Ranjan Kumar Moharana  19. Omkar Dash  20. Sanjaya Narayan Pattnaik  21. Debi Prasad Mohanty 22. Rama Chandra Dash  23. Jayant Kumar Jena

Similarly 11 SPOs are functioning in the jurisdiction of Sahidnagar Police Station area. The name of SPOs are:
1. Sitakanta  Mohapatra  2. Sura Nayak  3. Srikant Satpathy  4. Achyuta Prasad Behera  5. Subash Ch. Mohapatra  6. Jyoti Prakash Samanta  7. Binay Bhusan Panda  8. Lalita Kumar Khuntia  9. Sabyasachi Mohapatra  10. Purna Ch. Parmanik  11. Ramnarayan Mohapatra

Commissionerate Police proposes to appoint more SPOs in different localities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack Urban Police Districts in near future.
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